Start the New Year Off Right - Get Your Email Organization in Shape with Robust Email Management Software
Managing email can be a mundane part of business life, but it’s actually extremely important to certain teams in your company: customer service, customer success, support, shipping, and sales are just a few. They need to keep on top of their constant communication with customers and prospects so it’s important that email storage is transparent, accessible, and organized well. Are you wondering how to manage email? This can be achieved with automated email management software.

If a team member is out, the next team member needs to be able to pick up where the other one left off. If a customer calls in with an important question and they have access to all prior email, then your team can continue business as usual. Set your company up for success; below are key reasons why you should consider adding Outlook email management or any modern email management solution into your business:...
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Industry Stories
Case Study – DocuWare Delivers Streamlined Processes and Reduced Document Retrieval Times to Jamestown Container Companies
Jamestown Container Companies is a leading packaging solutions supplier with five facilities located throughout New York and Ohio. Jamestown needed a solution to store thousands of documents throughout their accounting departments as the space for physical documents was...
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How to Measure and Improve Employee Productivity
Here are a few ways to measure and boost productivity in your office. • Measure output, not time. Some businesses are so focused on making sure employees punch in and out at the time clock that they forget to keep track of the things that really...
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Simple Tips to Go Green with Your Printing Practices
Here’s a list of environmentally friendly printing practices that your whole office can start implementing today. • Recycle ink and toner cartridges. Those old ink and toner cartridges that are filling up your trash cans are also filling up our landfills....
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DocuWare and Microsoft Outlook – A Strong Team
Throughout a typical working day, hundreds of email come flooding in. They are an important part of your work and you need to be able to access them at all times. As business correspondence, emails are also subject to legal retention periods and then they must be ...
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Cloud Solutions
Simplify your life in HR and refocus on the strategic programs that help employees. Every employee's records at your fingertips. DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management -  Invoice processing is also covered including a video in the following link. DocuWare ...
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Archive Scanning Services
  Document Scanning Services: No software to purchase or staples to pull anymore. We will even box your documents up for you and personally transport them to our facility. How painless is that? You will quickly find your documents from your computer.  Use a full ...
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