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Photo Scanning Services

Made Painless - Servicing all of Michigan. 

Personalized pickup (not by a courrier or shipper) including boxing your photos if needed to delivery of your scanned images. We are here to help you. 

Photo Scanning Services 

Whether you need  photo albums scanned, boxes of loose photos scanned or a mixture of photos and other documents we can pick them up and return your scanned images to you quickly. 

What we scan:

Color Photos up to 11 x 17 including back sides as needed to capture your valuable notes.  Thick polaroid photos, slides, letters, certificates, full size newspapers, newspaper clippings and more.

Scanning Options:

We will arrange your photos and index them by photo album, groups or you can take your tme to arrange them how you want them scanned and indexed. 

You can even mix photo sizes and thicknesses.

Have your photos returned to you on a USB drive or DVD along with your original photos.

You can bring your photos to our office in Midland, MI where we will review your photos with you to give you a final product that you desire. You may also ship them to us with notes on what you want done with them.

How it works:

Simply call us to get a quote based on what you think you may have.  We will customize the scanning process to fit your needs. This includes document pickup, photo removal from albums, scanning, indexing, delivery of final scans and return of your original photos.

Scanning Process:

Photos are scanned using high speed scanners for a quick turnaround. Adustments made for glossy/matte photos. Thick Photos or odd sized documents up to 11 x 17 inches size scanned on a flatbed scanner. Newspapers and other black and white type documents up to 36 in wide are also scanned. All images are reviewed and adjusted as needed. Final images are indexed by album,  groups or other categories for easy retrieval.

A recent photo scanning project was very unique and we wish to share it with you to give you some ideas on what can be done.

A family had many photo albums, loose photos, school pictures, certificates, love letters in the original mailed envelopes, photos on tin, photos in frames, newspapers, newspaper clippings, booklets, articles, documents of school activities and more. Almost all of the photos had notes written on the back of them.

We removed all photos from the photo albums and scanned each photo album as it's own document and indexed each with the label on the album cover. Loose photos were arranged by approximate years and indexed with appropriate date ranges. School pictures were grouped together. Many love letters were scanned in color including the envelopes with the stamps to show the age of the letters, details of the handwriting and the color of the paper used. Photos were removed from frames and scanned. Full size newspapers were scanned along with newspaper clippings of wedding announcements and other happenings. A very fragile and aged two foot piece of toilet paper with a handwritten letter on it was alo scanned. The back sides of all photos that had notes on them were also scanned and follows the respective photo scan. 

All the photos and documents (over 7,000 images) were put into several pdf documents for easy viewing.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you. 

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