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Archiving Document Services

Convert large volumes of paper documents to electronic documents with our services.

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Get  your documents scanned into an independent standalone archive. Find your documents quickly without the need of a network or cloud access.

Archiving Document Services 

Stover Imaging is a scan service provider that will scan your documents and make them available to you as an independent standalone archive. This is a read only archive which is also known as a DocuWare REQUEST independent file cabinet. You don't need to purchase or install any software to use it.

Independent archives simplify the transfer of knowledge. Here are a few examples for use in the business area:

In the case of a financial audit , all relevant documents for a fiscal year can be handed over to the auditor on a USB stick.

All manuals, plans and spare parts lists for machines are stored on a USB stick. This means that the repair service employees can access all the documentation they need on site, even without a network.

Find your documents quickl

Get your file cabinets and boxes of records converted to an independent archive(s). Scanning, indexing, staple removal and document pickup services (including boxing of records if needed) provided by Stover Imaging.

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Whether you need a few boxes picked up, scanned and returned quickly or hundreds of boxes scanned we can help you. 

Document pickup services provided throughout Michigan.  You my also ship documents to us. 

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