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Document Scanning Services

Made Painless - Servicing all of Michigan. 

From personalized pickup (not by a courrier or shipper) including boxing your records if needed to delivery of your scanned images. We are here to help you! 

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Contact Larry Stover for help with all your scanning needs.

Document Scanning Services 

Scanning your documents for you as searchable PDF files. We also provide staple removal, indexing and document pickup services (including boxing of records).  

Whether you need a few boxes picked up, scanned and returned quickly or hundreds of boxes scanned we can help you. 

What we scan:

Office documents (B&W or color), legal documents, newspapers, engineering drawings, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, photos and slides.

Scanning Options:

1. Get your documents returned as Searchable PDF documents. Simply upload your documents to your system. 

2. Get your documents returned as an Archival Project where you can find your searchable pdf documents quickly using field searches and/or FULL TEXT searches similar to google searches. These archival projects can also have more documents added at any time. Your DocuWare REQUEST Archival Scanning for Projects is also always available to you. If you loose power you can still search and retrieve all your documents by using your usb drive and a charged up laptop. 

How it works:

Contact us to  provide a quote for you based on your sutuation.

A no obligation site visit will be done if needed.  We will customize the scanning process to fit your needs based on your feedback. This includes document pickup, staple removal, scanning, indexing, delivery of final scans and either document destruction or return of your original documents.

Scanning Process:

Professional document scanning services using high speed scanners for a quick turnaround. For thick documents our 11 x 17 size flatbed scanner is used.  Large format scanning up to 36 inch width for engineering drawings and newspapers.

Searchable pdf documents include changing between B&W and color scanning in a document on the fly so we can capture photos, highlighted material and more as needed

Automatically indexing with OCR, bar codes or lookup data along with good old manual indexing is available.

Document separation using Patch T sheets or OCR. Post it notes and multi layered pages are caught automatically using 3 sensors. All front and backsides are captured followed with a manual thumbnail view of all backsides to delete blank images. Images that are not correctly oriented with scanner rotation will be adjusted in the final review of all your images.

You can determine how you want your scanned images returned to you. Your searchable pdf images can be uploaded to your system, provided to you on USB drives, uploaded to a DocuWare Cloud Document Management System or provided as a DocuWare Request Project either on a USB drive or in the Cloud.

Find your documents quickly when you need them.  We make it painless for you. Document Scanning, Photo Scanning, Slide Scanning, Newspaper Scanning, Engineering Drawing Scanning, document prep and more - we got you covered.

Document pickup services throughout Michigan.  You my also ship documents to us. Contact us to find out what we can do for you. 

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