Steps to a backfile scanning project.

Backfile Scanning Services

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Steps to a Backfile Scanning Project

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  1. Develop a statement of work, scope and purpose for your project. It is important to know how you plan to use your digital documents.
  2. Have us assess your back log of documents and provide a cost for your project.
  3. Box your documents so we can securely transport them to our document conversion services facility in Midland. We can also box your documents for you.
  4. Your documents will be prepped, scanned and indexed per your requirements.
  5. Your digital documents will be delivered to you.
  6. Your original documents will be returned to you or we can destroy them for you. 
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Backfile Scanning Service Provider

Stover Imaging provides backfile scanninig services for businesses.

Your paper documents, blueprints, photos, slides, microfilm and aperture cards will be converted to a digital format. With over 27 years of backfile scanning experience Larry Stover will personally provide your scanning and indexing services for you. He will also be your contact, responsible for all aspects of your project and you can count on his dedication to provide a consistently high quality project for you.  

Contact Larry for your next backfile scanning project.

All our services are provided at our digital conversion facility in Midland. We do not outsource to any other providers. You can count on the highest level of confidentiality of your documents as only Larry will have access to your documents.

Consider us for your backfile scanning partner.

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Document Archiving

Providing secure document archiving solutions for you. Cybersecurity is a top priority today because of threats like phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks and will continue in 2024 and beyond. Your archive can be free from these threats. We offer an electronic document standalone archive that doesn't expose your archive to the internet. We also provide a DocuWare cloud-based archive that is stored in Microsoft's Azure Cloud.

Digital Conversion
Stover Imaging provides backfile scanning services when you need them. Serving businesses in all Michigan locations. We have been providing scanning services for over 24 years. We can help you with a one-time scanning project or occasional scanning throughout the year.