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Backfile scanning services, cloud- based document management.

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November 19, 2021 3:00 pm est

Digital Transformation is about finding new ways to make better use of the information contained in your company records. 

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Backfile Scanning your paper records is a beginning step toward digital transformation. 

Backfile scanning service providers digitizes and indexes your documents for you. Stover Imaging provides these backfile scanning services. We will scan and index your documents and output them as searchable pdf documents for you. We can also put them into a DocuWare Cloud-based document management system or an archive for you. We are centrally located in Mid-Michigan and will be happy to help you. Serving all locations in Michigan.

Steps to take for a backfile scanning project
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Working with Digital Documents

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Document Management with digital-first thinking, knowledge worker empowerment, reliable automation, and new levels of business agility continues your journey to digital transformation.

Automating common processes with digital workflows in finance. HR and other departments will let you capture, index, route and archive information automaticallly.

Embracing your mobile and distributed team members with the freedom to become more productive and ensuring business continuity on any device, anytime and anywhere is possible with subscription-based cloud services.

Discover the benefits of digital transformation

Maximize the power of your information with Digital Solutions. 

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Start using a cloud-based solution in just a few days

DocuWare puts a lot of effort into creating a user interface that is as intuitive as possible. Nevertheless, a few tips are provided in their How-tos section so that you can quickly find your way around the software and get off to a good start.

How-to: Get started with DocuWare

Organizations can start with a free DocuWare Trial. A sample configuration is offered and is an ideal way to start with digital document management. Key functions for secure archiving and productive collaboration are already preconfigured and can be used immediately.  

How-to: Sample configuration

The following topics are included in the How-to: Sample Configuration.

Secure Archiving:
Store documents - Document types and retention periods - Manage document type select lists - Modify retention period - Utilizing document action - Activate Intelligent Indexing - Setting or cancelling deletion stamp
Access Documents:
Access related documents - Activate or deactivate lists
Assign documents with stamp - View and manage permissions - Identify owner of a document - Send requests and receive tasks
Customize the Configuration:
Basic features of the solutions - User roles of the solution - Create a new user
Building Access:
Building access features - Questionnaire and links for employess and visitors - Building check out - Monitor building access activities

Additional configurations are available. A pre-configured solution for invoice processing that incorporates your company data and is streamlined to get you up and running in just days is available as a DocuWare could-based solutiuon. Creating or adjusting workflows is also easy to do. Get a personal on-line demo or watch the recorded webinar to learn more. 

We also have an HR pre-configured cloud-based solution. You can implement automated processes immediately or fine tune them to fit your needs. Get a personal on-line demo or watch the recorded webinar to learn more.

Contact Larry Stover at Stover Imaging for any questions, help or to start your free 30 day trial. No credit card required.

Learn more about DocuWare Cloud-based Pre-Configured Solutions
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Workflow automation makes complicated business processes easier to manage.

Creating workflows has never been easier. DocuWare software includes a workflow designer so you can create, adjust and test your workflows. Support is also available to help you with your workflows.

3 steps to Workflow Management
DocuWare home page
Stover Imaging is a small business established in 1974 and specializing in providing backfile scanning services for businesses. Located in the Great Lakes Bay Area and providing services for all Michigan locations. Cloud-based document management solutions are also provided.